Justin Morgan


Please keep doing what you’re doing — I may be new to B&B, but my spirit knows a beautiful thing when it experiences it. Due to the nature of the line of work that I do it’s challenging to make it to every B&B. But after just one event I can whole heartedly say this:…

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Jaymes O’Pheron


The mind may persuade, but it is the heart that transforms. Our beliefs are shaped by our experiences, and experiences within community are what create lasting transformation. This is why immersive, holistic encounters like the Ball experience are such potent vehicles for pivotal and radical change. Through the Ball we enter a liminal space, a…

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2022 – 2023 Syndicate Ball: Registration Open


Hello everyone and welcome to the beginning of the 2022 Syndicate Ball. My name is Luis De Leon and I’m running this year’s event.  I do apologize for the late notice. We are now open for registrations for the event. I encourage you all to register with a partner as you will be given priority…

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November Corner


We can think of no better way to close our creative corner than this – art reflecting the experience of someone touched by the Grand Syndicate Ball. Please take your time, and enjoy this gallery.

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What to Set Aside


Weary from another day of travels, you stop and make camp, disappointed by the short distance you have covered. Your back aches, your feet throb. In a snap decision, you upend your rucksack.

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General Schedule


Here you may find a general schedule of GSB events. This schedule is subject to minor changes.

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September Corner


We hope you draw encouragement from the content below, and pray that it inspires you to live your everyday life with courage, authenticity, and joy.
Peruse as much or as little of it as you please.

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Press Onward


“Now all ties are snapt between us; now I must set off from you.” So says the prince in East of the Sun and West of the Moon, when his trust is betrayed by the woman who has come to love him. It is a bitter scene of despair for the both of them: “What…

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Regarding the Banquet


We highly encourage you to arrange your own formal dining prior to the Ball. If you choose to operate within our framework, you may take on one of three roles: Guest, Host, or Caterer.

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August Corner


Brew yourself a cup of tea and sit down to read a poem by Christina Rosetti, or to regard some of the ideas found in Tolkien’s essay “On Fairy-stories”. Listen to the founder of our GSB reflect on his first Banquet & Ball experience, and take a moment to remember how God has worked in your own life.

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