November Corner

Engage with Art / Remember What God Has Done

When we received Lichelle’s submission, we did not know this would be our last creative corner. We can think of no better way to close the section than with this – art reflecting the experience of someone touched by the Grand Syndicate Ball. Please take your time, and enjoy this gallery.

When registering and facing the questions of what does Syndicate ball and this year’s theme mean to me, I didn’t have a concrete answer. I still don’t have it in words more accurate than, “So much!” These paintings came to mind though, and actually materialized…

They appear here in no set order, the best progression of them is for the viewer to determine. My daughter’s organization of them was different than how it came to me, and it’s just as meaningful.

 I wasn’t sure what words to put with them, but the songs I chanced upon and happened to be listening to when completing these seem to encapsulate at least elements of what this year’s theme means to me, and the moments the Ball facilitates. 

Dare You
I Dare You
…….(Kelly Clarkson)
I Dare You to Move

-Lichelle Crevison