The Experience

Check out our first official video we filmed at our 2014-2015 Ball. We don’t normally take photos or video as we strongly want people to be in the moment, on top of this event being impossible to truly describe, even in video.

But we made an exception.

When asked how B&B affected them:

Latrell: What honor truly meant, what respect truly meant. And how you can actually see that in people is truly amazing for my first Banquet and Ball.

Leah: The Dance Syndicate here in Yakima is definitely one of a kind. I’ve never seen anything like it going through all kinds of churches and youth groups. I think this is going to make a dramatic change and definitely create a different kind of culture that we need.

What does it mean for a gentleman to steward a woman’s dance card?

Skyler: We’re just arranging it so she has a nice variety of dances, she’s dancing with the men she really wants to, in particular, she’s dancing with the men she really REALLY wants to during the important dances. And generally arranging things so it’s the best possible evening for her.