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last updated 10/23/2020

Cora Jongeward

Cost: Free!
Available Spots: 10 Ladies
To Contact:
Phone: 509-969-1670 Email:

I would love to open up my home here at the Jongeward house to a few of you wonderful ladies! I have 3 queen beds that can be shared, two twin beds, two couches and quite a bit of floor space! 

The kitchen is also available as we can all pitch in for meals!

I have hopes of assisting you in creating a worthwhile experience! Please contact me if you are interested or have any questions!

Joe Gray

Cost: Free!
Available Spots: 3, Gentlemen Preferred
To Contact: Call or Text (509) 834-3689

I’m happy to offer my two-story apartment. Three bathrooms are available, two of which have showers. Kitchen and washer and dryer available.

I may have a couch at that time for someone to crash on, but I expect to have people sleeping on the floor. I will have some pads and it’s carpeted but I’d encourage anyone to bring a inflatable mattress if they have one.

My preference is men only, but I’d gladly help a lady in a pinch if she needs a place to sleep. I’d just have to give her my whole room for privacy or something I suppose, which would be cool.

We have no other committed hosts at this time, please continue checking for updates!