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last updated 10/23/2020

Joe Gray

Anticipated Price/Plate: $50
Anticipated Available Seats: 6-8
To Contact: Call or Text (509) 834-3689

Come and join us for a delightful, five-course dinner, expertly catered by Erin Duncan! This Banquet will also feature a woodsy theme, courtesy of decorator Mary Lou Fillicetti.

Skyler and Heather Young

Anticipated Price/Plate: $100-$150
Anticipated Available Seats: 10
To Contact: Call or Text (509)-969-5128

We enthusiastically invite our Banquet guests to a fine-dining experience of surpassing quality. Prepare yourself to be dazzled with surprising yet delightful combinations of dishes. We’ll be dining in multiple courses peppered with elevated conversation, savory scents, and intriguing textures. This Banquet is a celebration of our annual achievements, journey of growth, and reunion of friends. Culinary adventure awaits!

We have no other committed hosts at this time, please continue checking for updates!