/kəˈmyo͞onədē/: a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

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*Interview people we know to make these videos. There are so many people out there with all these skills that can be monetized. Let’s capitalize on that.

  1. Leah Lakey
    1. How to Build a Website:
    2. How to Mobile Optimize Your Website
    3. Power of creation
    4. You are who you surround yourself with
    5. Dreaming/creative mindset is what will make you successful
    6. How to Get Your Own Castle
    7. ‘Compound Effect’ Breakdown
    8. Watch, Read, or Listen: Marketing Content
    9. Online Marketing 101: Annual Calendar
    10. Organic SEO: How to Get Noticed on Google: with Bethany
  2. Alex Lakey
    1. ‘Trust Me, I’m Lying’ - Marketing Breakdown
    2. LOR
    3. Magic for Beginners
    4. Magic for Advanced
    5. How to Set Up Your Planted Aquarium
    6. Graphic Design 101
  3. Bethany Voris
    1. How to Create Written Content for Your Website
    2. How to Can Food: with James’ wife
    3. How to Grow Food
  4. Benjamin Record
    1. How to Start Your Real Estate Career
    2. Loan Advice 101
  5. Dillon Beard
    1. How to Remodel Your Duplex
    2. How to Remodel Your Bathroom
    3. Theater 101
    4. How to Buy Your First Duplex with Phil?
    5. How to run a B&B and profit!
  6. Phil Ostriem
    1. How to Purchase Property That You’re Planning on Renting
    2. How to Prepare Your Property for Renters
  7. Jared Bower
    1. Parenting Advice
    2. Marriage Advice & Teachings
    3. How to Build the Inner Circle
  8. Michael Shannon
    1. How to Buy a House Cash
  9. James O’Neal
    1. How to Read Body Language
    2. Jiu Jitsu 101 with Alex
  10. Erin Lopez
    1. Culinary 101
  11. Izaiah Lopez
    1. Firearms 101
  12. Mario Rodriguez
    1. Music 101
  13. Andrew Glanville
    1. Healthy Body, Healthy Mindset
  14. Terina Terrill
    1. Nutrition 101
  15. Heather Young
    1. Traveling 101
  16. Brooke Waits
    1. SFX Makeup 101