/ˌakəˈdēmēə/: the environment or community concerned with the pursuit of research, education, and scholarship.

One of our four pillars.

If we are going to keep building our legacies, our businesses, and fighting evil; we MUST continue to learn. We MUST continue to push ourselves.


  • School
    • Learn how to start a business instead of working for someone else, like a college.
    • Create a curriculum for our children so we can 'homeschool'
    • Take over Homelink
  • This wouldn't come close to any university that you've seen, but there would be lots of learning involved:
    • dancing
    • music
    • culinary
    • fashion
    • theater
    • literature
    • jiu jitsu
    • film production
    • graphic design
    • website design
    • marketing